Assault, Domestic Violence

Attorney Patrick Earl has been practicing criminal law, including defending assault and domestic violence cases, since 1992. Assault and domestic violence could be felony or misdemeanor charges, depending on how you were charged when you were arrested. Instead of trying to navigate the criminal courts yourself, contact a Washington state criminal defense attorney to help you.

Assault and Domestic Violence

If you are charged with domestic violence, you more than likely assaulted a family member. If you were arrested for assault, the violence was against someone that is not your family. Regardless of the type, there are always two sides to the story, especially with domestic violence.


When you retain a Moses Lake assault / domestic violence lawyer, that lawyer will defend you against the charges. Attorney Patrick Earl may ask the state to reduce the charges; or, if you believe you have been wrongfully accused, will try to get the charges dismissed. He may also try to get the charges dismissed if the state is wrongfully prosecuting you.

When you retain a Washington state criminal defense attorney, you retain someone who is familiar with how the court system works; and someone who knows many of the prosecutors that may be trying to get you sentenced.

Domestic Violence Accusations

If you have been accused of domestic violence by your spouse and you never touched him or her, contact our office immediately. The sooner you can contact us, the sooner we can begin our investigation into any potentially false charges. False domestic violence accusations usually come about because divorce and separation are very emotional for both spouses, especially if children are involved.

Often, in the case of false charges, we can show the court that and get the charges dropped. However, we need to work quickly, especially if the court orders one party to pay child support or if the court orders supervised visitation and temporary alimony.

Self Defense

If you have been charged with assault, it may be a case of self defense. Instead of trying to convince the prosecution and/or state of that, contact a Moses Lake assault / domestic violence lawyer to help you show that you may have reacted in self defense. In many cases, felony assault charges could be changed to a lower charge or may even be dropped.


When you retain Attorney Patrick Earl for your assault or domestic violence case, he will begin the investigation by requesting all evidence from the state, including any video tapes made by police, police reports, photos that may be in the prosecution’s hands, medical bills and any other information to help show that you may not have been at fault or that you may not have committed the assault or domestic violence.

Contact us today for a consultation. If you cannot contact us, have a close friend or relative contact us, preferably before your first court hearing.

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