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The term “misdemeanor” makes the charges you face seem insignificant, but for those who are facing misdemeanor charges, the case suddenly becomes much more significant. Even the smallest crimes, like theft, carry stiff penalties, including fines, probation and even jail time. Not only that, but a misdemeanor goes on your permanent record and will follow you through your life. If you are accused of a misdemeanor, you need the services of a lawyer who will take your case seriously. That lawyer is Attorney Patrick Earl.

Moses Lake Misdemeanors Lawyer to Craft a Strong Defense Strategy

Misdemeanors require the services of a Moses Lake misdemeanors lawyer who can craft a solid defense strategy to help protect your rights and your liberties. Attorney Patrick Earl realizes that misdemeanors are serious cases that require his careful attention. He will take the time to understand the circumstances of your case to help you create the strongest defense possible.

Patrick Earl will offer his services for any criminal charge in District Courts in Washington State, no matter how serious. Whether you are facing reckless driving charges, a hit and run offense, malicious mischief, criminal trespassing or even theft, you can have the services of a skilled lawyer as you build your defense. He will also offer his services to minors facing criminal charges, such as a minor in possession of or consuming alcohol.

Washington State Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Puts Clients First

Attorney Patrick Earl has a clients-first philosophy. If you have comments, questions or concerns about your case, you will get a prompt reply. His goal is to keep his clients informed of the details of their cases at all times, because knowledge is power. With his help, you can proceed through your case with confidence and a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Since 1993, Patrick Earl has been practicing in Grant County. His years of experience in the district, superior and juvenile court systems will help you defend yourself against the charges you face. All clients, no matter how serious their cases may be, receive the same level of attention and compassionate care throughout your case from a hard working attorney who keeps your needs as his priority throughout the case.

Remember, misdemeanor crimes may not seem as serious as major criminal offenses, but they still bring a record that will haunt you in the future. Don’t face these charges without the proper help. Contact attorney Patrick Earl, your Washington State criminal defense lawyer, for personal attention and an effective defense, so you can protect yourself from the penalties that will come with a misdemeanor.

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great lawyer

mr. Earl did a great job defending me.. I was most pleased with the outcome of my situation..I would definitely use him again should i need too

- (5 star review)