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Felonies are the most serious types of criminal offenses. This type of offense includes burglary, arson, rape, homicide, assisting in a felony and more. If you’re found guilty of a felony, the result will be a minimum of one year incarceration. Criminal fines may also be imposed and total up to thousands of dollars. If you’ve been arrested for a felony, it’s time to lawyer up with a capable Washington State criminal defense attorney like Patrick Earl. Criminal law is complex, and so is the criminal justice system.

Washington State Criminal Defense: Why You Need an Attorney

Because of the severe nature of a felony, you may be facing heavy penalties. It’s important to take every action available even if you’re innocent. Don’t think you cannot be convicted because the charges against you are false. Prosecutors are brutal when they present felony cases. You can be sure that they will advocate for the heaviest penalty possible. As a defendant, you need a strong criminal defense attorney for protection against unfair sentencing or to help you get acquitted of false charges. If it looks like you may be guilty, a good criminal defense attorney will explain the pros and cons of a plea bargain with the prosecutor. When it comes to a felony, navigating the criminal justice alone is not a smart move. Use attorney Patrick Earl. He will use his experience and criminal legal skills for your advantage.

Moses Lake Felonies Lawyer: Pre-Trial and Trial Phases

Attorney Patrick Earl has years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and is there to protect your rights and see that you have a fair trial. This Moses Lake Felonies lawyer will examine the circumstances surrounding the case and determine the strength of evidence against you. He will apply previous legal precedent and current law to develop a strong legal strategy for the best outcome or acquittal.

If there is evidence lacking to prove your innocence, he will do a thorough investigation to uncover any hidden evidence. There may be unknown witness or other mitigating factors that could strengthen your case. During the pre-trial phase, attorney Patrick Earl will prepare the case for trial through discovery and legal motions. During the trial phase, he’s a strong litigator with cross-examination and presents alternate theories of the crime to raise reasonable doubt of guilt. If the outcome is less than desirable, he has the experience to find grounds for an appeal and will continue to aggressively fight the legal battle on your behalf. Keep in mind that most juries are unpredictable.

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Great Lawyer!!

Patrick is an amazing Lawyer. After receiving a MIP/MIC I went to my hearing a got a lawyer appointed to me, Patrick being him. He was very informative. Made sure I was where I was supposed to be, and explained the crazy lingo in normal person words. He helped me until the very end 1…

- (5 star review)