Patrick Owen Earl

Hello!  I am Patrick Earl.  I am here to listen and represent your interests in court.  I handle any and all matters in District and Superior Court.  I mainly work in Grant County, WA but am able to travel to other Counties in Eastern Washington if needed.

My Career

I have a B.S. Degree in Physical Therapy from Brigham Young University, Juris Doctoris, Gonzaga University, and was Sworn in to the WA State Bar January 1993. My law career began in District Court, representing clients with misdemeanors (i.e.  DUI, assault 4th degree, domestic violence issues, reckless driving and minor in possession of alcohol etc.)  I have been involved with District  Court on a daily basis since 1993.  I have also represented clients in Juvenile Court and Superior Court.  I have represented clients in Juvenile court on a weekly basis, steady for 1 1/2 years and then in Superior Court regularly for a 5 year period.  I am still involved in all the criminal courts when I am retained to do so.

Experience on Your Side

I have been an active attorney since 1993.  All of these years I have represented clients in criminal court.  I have experience with complicated criminal charges such as kidnapping, drug charges and even murder.  Criminal court is all I do and there is nothing I haven’t faced before.

For Your Convenience

If you have a ticket/criminal citation/ or criminal charging of any sort in Grant County, WA I am here to help you!  If you need expert representation, I will travel anywhere in Eastern Washington to represent you! Please call me and I will help if possible.  It is my job to represent you aggressively and make sure your interests are understood.  This is what I do and I get results.  If you want an experienced, honest, hard working attorney to help you with your criminal matter PLEASE call me.

Your initial consultation in person or on the phone is free.

Ratings and Reviews

Did a great job

Called me after I asked a question on Avvo concerning a failure to transfer title charge. Explained to me how to represent myself and didn’t even bring up me hiring him until I asked. I hired him, one court appearance, amybe a followup hearing in six months, and the thing is dropped. A+ Related

- (5 star review)