About Patrick Earl
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Hello!  I am Patrick Earl.
  I am here to listen and represent your interests in court.  I handle any and all matters in District and Superior Court.  I mainly work in Grant County, WA but am able to travel to other Counties in Eastern Washington if needed.

I have been an active attorney since 1993.  All of these years I have represented clients in criminal and traffic court.  I have experience with the simplest of charges such as speeding infractions up to more complicated criminal charges such as kidnapping, drug charges and even murder.  Criminal court is all I do and there is nothing I haven't faced before. 

I began my law career in District Court by representing clients with misdemeanors (i.e.  DUI, assault 4th degree, domestic violence issues, reckless driving and minor in possession of alcohol etc.)  I have been involved with District  Court on a daily basis since 1993.  I have also represented clients in Juvenile Court and Superior Court.  I have represented clients in Juvenile court on a weekly basis, steady for 1 1/2 years and then in Superior Court regularly for a 5 year period.  I am still invovled in all the criminal courts when I am retained to do so. 

If you have a ticket/criminal citation/ or criminal charging of any sort in Grant County, WA I am here to help you!  If you need expert representation, I will travel anywhere in Eastern Washington to represent you! Please call me and I will help if possible.  It is my job to represent you aggressively and make sure your interests are understood.  This is what I do and I get results.  If you want an experienced, honest, hard working attorney to help you with your criminal/traffic ticket PLEASE call me. 

Your initial consultation in person or on the phone is free. 

My Education: B.S. Degree in Physical Therapy from Brigham Young University, 
Juris Doctoris, Gonzaga University, Sworn in to the WA State Bar January 1993.