Patrick Earl, Attorney at Law

Patrick Earl has been practicing law in Grant County, WA since July 1992.  This gives him years of experience representing client in State Criminal Court, District, Superior and Juvenile.  He takes his job as an officer of the Court very seriously and has handled all type of criminal offenses, misdemeanor and felonies.  If you are facing a criminal case as an adult or juvenile, in District, Municipal, Superior or Juvenile court I can help you.

I can be hired to handle ALL Criminal Offenses throughout Washington State, mainly Eastern Washington.   Examples of offenses:  Assault, DUI, Driving while Suspended, Criminal Trespass, Obstructing a Public Servant, Possession of Controlled Substance (Felony), Taking Motor Vehicle without permission, Theft (all degrees), Burglary, remember ALL misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felonies.

He works hard to ensure your best interests are represented completely.

He is honest, hard working and will listen.

Your initial consultation in person or by phone is free of charge.  Patrick Earl mainly represents clients in Grant, Adams, Kittitas, Benton and Franklin Counties in Washington State but is available to handle any criminal case throughout the State.

Ratings and Reviews

Criminal defense with attention to immigration consequences

My case was complicated by potential immigration consequesnces but my attorney spent enough time researching this subject of law and meeting with specific immigration attorneys to make sure I will not encounter that kind of problem. Afterwards, he invested much time working out an agreement with prosecutor that would not cause me immigration problems. He…

- (5 star review)